Fix It Fridays

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Sort out issues and sleep better at night!

Fix it Friday can help you with all kinds of issues including: legal, financial, mental health, Centrelink, NDIS, My Aged Care, No Interest Loans, Community Home Assistance, Disability Advocacy, Victoria Police, Food Relief and heaps more!

Fix it Friday is now able to deal with your issues face-to-face each month, however, we are currently operating in mixed format so some fixers will be working over the phone. Call (03) 9716 3361 to register and we will book you in for either a face-to-face discussion or a phone call from one of our “Fixers”.

2024 Fix it Friday Dates

23rd February

22nd March

26th April

24th May

28th June

If your matter is urgent here are some resources to assist you and they are all just a phone call away!

Whittlesea Community Legal Service

Whittlesea Community Legal Service has 7 lawyers and a migration agent and offer the following services:

  • Generalist Case Work, including litigation and in-court representation on the following: Crime; Car Accidents; Debt; Consumer issues’ insurance matters and VOCAT;
  • Family Law work (with a dedicated family law solicitor);
  • Family Violence Work including in-court representation for IVO matters; Associate VOCAT matters and police liaison. (For this, we have a dedicated IVO Family Violence Solicitor);
  • Migration work as per migration agent;
  • Four student clinics in association with La Trobe University which form part of the University curriculum. They are:
    • Fines and Infringements
    • Wills and Wishes
    • Divorce Clinic
    • Generalist Clinic
  • These services by telephone on 9401 6655.

Reception is maintained off-site from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm

For appointments for legal advice and possible ongoing legal assistance, please ring 9401 6655 for our reception staff to make you an appointment. Our lawyers will contact you at the appointment time, by phone, and will provide necessary ongoing help in the same way.

Organisations who can service a variety of immediate assistance needs

Services database

Other agencies that you can turn to for material aid

Whittlesea Foodshare
Phone: 0417 562 753
Hours: 11am – 2pm (Tuesday and Wednesday)
Assistance: Food
Encompass Care Vic

Phone: 0400 465 207
Hours: 9am – 1pm (Monday – Friday)
Assistance: Food hampers & material aid

St Vincent De Paul

Phone: 1800 305 330
Hours: 10am – 3pm (Monday – Friday)
Assistance: Food hampers, material aid, financial
support & bill support

Catholic Care

Phone: (03) 8468 1305
Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Assistance: Food vouchers, material aid, financial support & bill support

Infinity Church – Community Meals Kitchen

Phone: 0409 354 633
Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday & Tuesday)
Assistance: Food Hampers

Mill Park Baptist – The Shak

Phone: 0400 072 933
Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Wednesday)
Assistance: Meals – (Drive through pick-up)

Salvation Army

Phone: 9436 9200
Hours: 9am – 3pm (Tuesday – Thursday)
Assistance: Food Hampers, material aid, financial
support & bill support

Victorian Child Care Cooperative Ltd

Phone: (03) 9287 8800
Hours: 9am – 5pm (Monday – Friday)
Assistance: Food vouchers, material aid & bill
Eligibility: Aboriginal and or/ Torres Strait Islander

Country Wide Community Missions

Phone: 0411 394 494
Hours: 1pm -5pm (Wednesday) & 9am (Thursday)
Assistance: Food hampers From Us 2 You
Phone: 0412 042 069
Hours: 9am – 3pm (Monday – Friday)
Assistance: Food Hampers